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Episode #7

Posted in Podcasts on July 31, 2007 by cromag

Funeral for a Stillborn Podcast

Dark Side of the Cop: Shaky Little Rules
Dan Sartain Thought it Over
Ollie ByrdChaka Khan
Gene Defcon Yesses and Nose
King Khan and the Shrines — Welfare Bread
Zulu Pearls — Dancing + Drinking
Rue RoyalUFO
Rise of Man — Sands

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Grating Cutesy Genius
Don’t Make Me Wait for It!
Uwe Boll didn’t direct ANY Resident Evil Movies but he did
kick some nerdass imo.


Episode #6

Posted in Podcasts on July 23, 2007 by cromag

Studio-Quality “Quote Fingers” From DC

the Whips — Red Carpet
the Hailing — Blood Infection
the Apes — Beat of the Double
Candy Machine — Nerve Central
Beach House — Master of None
Government Issue — Sheer Terror
the Points — Lost My Head
Slow Jets Good Morning Stars
Snakes — Man of the Monocle and Bottle
Nima Majd — Skin

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Chicklet City
Best SNL Performance (It was Can’t Truss It actually [ps I’m dumb ldo])
La Moda (Peter’s Quinn‘s new band) so fuggitaboutit.
Worst Genre of Music
Gunflower Palls Bait Stark
Being Chuck Klosterman

Episode #5

Posted in Podcasts on July 19, 2007 by cromag

Mutters from the Edge of Creepy

Sebastien Grainger — Ways to Come Home
Tralala — Big Yellow Taxi
the SpitsNo Place to Live
FieldsIf You Fail, We All Fail (Badlands remix)
Clinic — Family

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Miranda’s Certain Perkitude
Albini Undressed!!!111
Castro Qbert in Bangladesh

Episode #4

Posted in Podcasts on July 11, 2007 by cromag

Tragic History of Mssr. Ennui and Mz. Melody Frankenstein

BARK BARK BARK New Kids on the Block
Pretty Broken Thing
Why Don’t You Give Up On Flowers
Pissed Jeans — I Still Got You (Ice Cream)
White Magic — The Gypsys Came Marching After (Pocketknife Remix)
Pop LeviSugar Assault Me Know
th’ Losin StreaksIf You Think
The Old SoulNectar of the Nitwit

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The 4th of July
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