Episode #4

Tragic History of Mssr. Ennui and Mz. Melody Frankenstein

BARK BARK BARK New Kids on the Block
Pretty Broken Thing
Why Don’t You Give Up On Flowers
Pissed Jeans — I Still Got You (Ice Cream)
White Magic — The Gypsys Came Marching After (Pocketknife Remix)
Pop LeviSugar Assault Me Know
th’ Losin StreaksIf You Think
The Old SoulNectar of the Nitwit

Unpaid Sponsors:
Serge Gainsbourg’s School of Spider Ballet
The 4th of July
Friends of Freegans
Suicide Prevention Hotline


One Response to “Episode #4”

  1. a t-rex in brontosaurus clothing Says:

    all the freegans i know still live with their parents. i’m just saying.

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