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Episode #11

Posted in Podcasts on August 27, 2007 by cromag

Moments of Licky Silence
Instrumental Requiems + Tequila

Earl Greyhound — Yeah I Love You
Big Sleep — Murder
General Elektriks — Take You Out
Harlem ShakesRed Right Hand
Soda Pop Kids — Put On Your Tight Pants
Portugal. The ManShade
Rue Royal — Parachutes and Lifeboats

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Time to PARTY
Vice Magazine !
Dear Reader by Brad Neely
Probability Baby
0% Chance
A Cab Kar Baom = Watch out America!
Rasheed’s Favorite Band
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Episode #10

Posted in Podcasts on August 20, 2007 by cromag

the Broken Applause of Xenophobic Aliens
In which an audience is employed, and a band is fired.

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings100 Nights
the Epochs — Thunder and Lightning (Unreleased EXCLUSIVE do not pirate bammas!)
Brimstone Howl — Bad Seed
Two GallANts — Seems Like Home to Me
Let’s French! — Here She Comes (There She Goes)
Love Is ChemicalsA Portrait Of Your Post-Apocalyptic Son

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Space Plan(t)s
Tom Goes Mayoring
Nostalgia for the Early 00s
Thanks foreign stranger!
Hillary Duff is Weird Lookin
Jericho of the Heart
Don’t Click This!

Episode #9

Posted in Podcasts on August 14, 2007 by cromag

End User Experience
The last 15 minutes of which never happened k thx?

MGMT Time to Pretend
Rock and Roll Stormtroopers — Astrogirls
Lifter Puller — Let’s Get Incredible
the Audience — Glitter
Ollie Byrd — Electricity
John Q Irritated — Iceman
Black Diamond Heavies — Fever
Al Hedges — EOY

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Happy Bugbear Day ONE AND ALL
Absolut Peach
Bye-bye Johnny
Overly Specific Movie Trailer
O R they???
Ola Chica! Como estas? (or the Portuguese Equivilent)
We are not pigs.
We are not prudes either!
50% of us like football.

Episode #8

Posted in Podcasts on August 8, 2007 by cromag

Conjoined Mom Pants Party

Icarus LineFeed a Cat to Your Cobra
The Cribs — Men’s Needs (Cansei de Ser Sexy remix)
Kevin K I Was A Teenage Pig
Nathaniel Mayer — Lonely Man
FastbacksIt’s your birthday
Ned — Small Flightless Birds

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BROTHERS of the Head (Why must we be so wrong so often?)
Dr. Earl Grey
Correction: It was the Jason Newstead
Indianapolis and Beyond
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