Episode #11

Moments of Licky Silence
Instrumental Requiems + Tequila

Earl Greyhound — Yeah I Love You
Big Sleep — Murder
General Elektriks — Take You Out
Harlem ShakesRed Right Hand
Soda Pop Kids — Put On Your Tight Pants
Portugal. The ManShade
Rue Royal — Parachutes and Lifeboats

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Time to PARTY
Vice Magazine !
Dear Reader by Brad Neely
Probability Baby
0% Chance
A Cab Kar Baom = Watch out America!
Rasheed’s Favorite Band
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3 Responses to “Episode #11”

  1. That thing isn’t even a fucking unicorn…how can a rainbow horse-boy not be a goddamned unicorn, Puh-lease, and what websites are you looking at that have pics like this… why don’t you have a seat over there…

  2. Leaving comments on your own webpage is pretty much totally lame.

    Don’t worry I only look at those websites with my neice.

  3. …Seat…over…there.

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