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Episode #23

Posted in Podcasts on November 25, 2007 by cromag

Conspiracy of Dunces
We suck? That’s What The Reptilian Illuminati Wants You To Think!

Post Pictures of Your Thanksgiving Food and Win somethingreallystupid

Wax TailorQue Sera Sera
Grizzly Bear — Plans (actually this is Band of Horses COVERING GB just fyiimotbhwtfbbq)
the Strate Coats — Main Street Bi
the Rebel — Kneel Mullholland Drive
Ray’s Vast BasementCalifornia’s Gone
Mabuses — Brightmares
the Devil Dogs — Wanna Dance with you Baby
Saul Williams — Black History Month

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Wonderful Showzen
More absurd shit
NPR Reports Alien Conspiracy of Zombies
Close, Far, Taters, Midnight Snek
Dance Deh Pain Away
Fahrenheit 7-11


Episode #22

Posted in Podcasts on November 21, 2007 by cromag

The Scarlet Lather
Giving Thanks before NerdWar III

Post the best hipster joke in the comments and win a fantastic prize special delivery!

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CX Kidtronic — Big Girl Skinny Girl
Oliver Future Hapiness Machine
Benjy FerreeA Little at a Time
The Go-Betweens — People Say
The Futureheads — Broke Up Time
Ham1 I Had A Good Idea, But It Passed My Mind
C’mon — All time high

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—>>>The Walkmen<<<— St. Alban’s Worst Soccer Players
You too can sip the Hatetinis
VH1 Countdowns:
Most Unconvincing Ozzy Performance
Best Backseat Driving
Most Ironic Lyric (Take a Look In the Mirror and Cry)
Turkey day Hooray!

Episode #21

Posted in Podcasts on November 12, 2007 by cromag

Los Pantalones Caliente del Diablo
Getting down in the sickness

DNASaul Williams
Preacher’s Theme — Spindrift
First Vietnam War — Black Angels
Rose Family — The Hailing
Wasted — Zulu Pearls
Cheer Me Up Thank YouNew Buffalo
Red Reflections — Spindrift
Natural Tan — Danko Jones

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Prince Lost His Mind
Random Funny Thing of the Week
To get you started on the contest.

Episode #20

Posted in Podcasts on November 5, 2007 by cromag

Ladies Night
Genderrific Gentle-Sexathon

Warning: This podcast contains highly offensive language about sensitive subjects. Do not listen to it if you have a weak stomach or are a male.

I Just Saw A FaceLudella Black
Miss MacroMacromantics
Memory — Suspicions
October, First AccountBe Your Own Pet
Standing in the Way of Control Gossip
Heart of Glass — Lunachicks

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Kenneth Anger Redux
Women’s Rights
Atlantic City
Halloween Dustup
Hella wicked afterparty!
but who invited these dudes?
Random Link to Woman Friend’s Blogs Shows How We’re Not Sexist Dickheads QED