Episode #21

Los Pantalones Caliente del Diablo
Getting down in the sickness

DNASaul Williams
Preacher’s Theme — Spindrift
First Vietnam War — Black Angels
Rose Family — The Hailing
Wasted — Zulu Pearls
Cheer Me Up Thank YouNew Buffalo
Red Reflections — Spindrift
Natural Tan — Danko Jones

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The Legend of God’s Gun (+1 Boobs)
Best Boys and Girls Unite!
Limited Time Offer (notice the combo ownership)
Prince Lost His Mind
Random Funny Thing of the Week
To get you started on the contest.


9 Responses to “Episode #21”

  1. i cant find a picture, but the regular prescription frames that are somewhat similar to aviators are huge where i live. i cannot fucking stand them.

  2. douche detector Says:

  3. Red Snapper Says:

    As y’all know I am from SC where the University of South Carolina is located. The fans have resurrected a hat that was big when I was in high school, and I have even seen members of the doucheoursie wear it here in DC

    It is of course a White hat, but a very specific white hat. You can see it here — 6th row, first column
    (Though to be fair most Gamecock’s paraphernalia has a pretty high douche factor.)

  4. “Taco Bell, Village of the Damned”

    Here is the story that I’ve got to tell
    About my favorite place to go and eat– its called Taco Bell

    One day I got on a plane and flew across the sea
    Unaware of the fate awaiting me
    You see they have BK and they have Mickey Dee’s,
    But Taco Bell has still yet to be.

    So now I’m a long way from home and I just don’t see
    That plastic tacky bell calling out to me

    Taco Bell, you’re my water in the sand
    Taco Bell, the franchise promised land
    Taco Bell, you’re my favorite one night stand
    Taco Bell, the village of the damned

    And so I just can’t sleep at night
    Knowing that I’m a world away from that
    drive through open twenty-four hour culinary delight

    from http://newfunny.com/archive/?id=47 :))))))))

  5. crocs

  6. coffeeaddict Says:


  7. They’re called “jorts” coffeeaddict, and they are FANTASTIC.


  8. Those douchebags started it all.

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