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Episode #27

Posted in Podcasts on December 31, 2007 by cromag

Karaoke Party Times!!!!!11!!!

Featuring members of the Hailing, Zulu Pearls, Marcel and the Truth, and the Incomparable Mr. Milk

Prizes announced on Next Week’s show, tentatively scheduled for 2009.


Episode #26

Posted in Everything on December 17, 2007 by cromag

Blood In Balls Out
the Peter, The Rasheed and The Holy Ghost

Max LevIne Ensemble — Summer, Like the Season
Japanther — I10
Fuk Tha Prince A Pull Is Dum
CX Kidtronix — Song
Simon JoynerHappy Woman
Clipd Beaks Melter
Saul Williams — Scared Money

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Arrested for what? Being awesome?

Episode #25

Posted in Podcasts on December 10, 2007 by cromag

The Golden Accomplice
Urine for a Wild Ride

Last Weekend in December is the Karaoke Episode! Leave songs you want to hear in the comments! Send us an email if you want to participate! It’s going to be bigger than Philip Pullman’s Evil Jesus Xenu or whatever!

Drugonaut — Black Mountain
Boys (remix) — Wale
Brain dead — Nervous Habits
Skinny Love Bon Iver
That Old Sorrow — Used To Be Women
Bonus Song Schlong
Friends — Mobius Band

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Episode #24

Posted in Podcasts on December 3, 2007 by cromag

Mr. J: Pipe Assistant
Angry Kitchen Hecklers vs The Masters of Cream

Very Very Important Announcement! Listen all the way to the end! Big news! Wow!

I’m A Shit — Jason Lowenstein
Unknown — Awesome Color
Borstal BreakoutDinosaur Jr
Suspended in GaffaRa Ra Riot
Baking SodaHanger 18
Good DayJukebox the Ghost
Nude (Amplive Remix) — Amplive vs. Radiohead

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