Episode #26

Blood In Balls Out
the Peter, The Rasheed and The Holy Ghost

Max LevIne Ensemble — Summer, Like the Season
Japanther — I10
Fuk Tha Prince A Pull Is Dum
CX Kidtronix — Song
Simon JoynerHappy Woman
Clipd Beaks Melter
Saul Williams — Scared Money

Unpaid Sponsors:
The Knife is coming to cute you to your DOOM!
Paul Stanley is coming to sex you up! ZOMG
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Uncomfortably Amazing
Let’s French!
Arrested for what? Being awesome?

3 Responses to “Episode #26”

  1. Champagne should sing a Bay City Rollers song.

  2. I sometimes feel like there’s not enough Rod Stewart songs sung in this world.

    Might I suggest the powers of Maggie May, or perhaps Young Turks, although, and this isnt wholly a Rod Stewart song but certainly my favorite one he sings, In a Broken Dream? (look for python lee jackson, this song may or may not change your life, but you will love it)

  3. Brand New Key by Melanie

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