Episode #30

Chaos 101
PANIC! In the Classroom

White WilliamsViolater
Vampire WeekendMansard Roof
Chopteeth — Fogo Fogo
Left Lane Crusier — Big Mama
CX Kid Tronix — I Aint Down With That FUKKshit
Coyote BonesCatchin A Fish
Autorock — This is Golden

Unpaid Sponsors:
Blood Orgy
DC Conspiracy
Sharon Jones and the H Bombs
Double Up Today!
Gypsy Salute

4 Responses to “Episode #30”

  1. Jayjay Smokerson Says:

    More Cowbell Bitches!!!!!!

  2. Teenqueen space Machine Says:

    From Episode 18…. One of yall asked which episode of Scooby Doo was Fred arrested and I think it was from an episode of Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law where that happened and not in fact a real episode of Scooby Doo

  3. Dear Cromagnon… Play more slow songs please! Even if Peter’s heads too far up his own ass to like them.

  4. Dear Jayjay,

    Thanks for you kind comments and helpful hints. Next episode we will play all speed metal just for you.


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