Episode #34

Nerdcast 2008
Minus 10 Against “Withering Stare” Saving Throw

Next Week, the exciting conclusion of the apparently unoriginal: Craigslist Project!

Bobby ConnNever Get It
White Denim — Darksided
Atlas SoundRiver Card
Cadence WeaponReal Estate
SantogoldLES Artistes
The Wave PicturesThree Songs Called Louise
Universal Order of Armageddon — Symptom

Unpaid Sponsors:
Victory Day!
Naked Elfs (nsfw)
Stuff White People Like
No, there are no girls.
Short Attention Span Home Theater Edition
DJ In A Box
Do NOT hit play unless you have a high tolerance for pop infection.
OK, proceed.

4 Responses to “Episode #34”

  1. DM is the man. Scary smart.

  2. Vincent D'Onofrio Says:

    Dear Cromag,
    You should play Kimya Dawson at Ipod Playlist party. Or Glen Hansard.

    PS: Tell Champagne he Lost all my love cause he clearly hates all women!

  3. diablo cody Says:

    Dear peter,

    you seem very critical and therefore are Clearly Miranda from Sex in the City

  4. JJ that wasn’t champagne who made the hating women joke. Champagne, much like his namesake, makes every woman feel like a fairytale princess.

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