Episode #35

Art and Politics bend us over the couch.

Next Week, we’re not kidding this time, we’re going to play a bunch of songs we got from craigslist: Craigslist Woo!

Free Blood — Grumpy
Witch EYE
Jason Lowenstein — I Am Alive
Fucked Up — Baiting the Public
Moulettes — Devil of Mine
Ben Mono and Yo MajestyHit the Bit

Unpaid Sponsors:
Surprise Releases:
Gnarls Barkley
Miss Quintron at her burst
Guns and Bongs

2 Responses to “Episode #35”

  1. i dont watch television

    marquee moon was an incredible album tho

  2. El Diablo Says:


    I think you should challenge folks to make a peep diorama from a famous music video….and their prize would be a death by sexy tambourine.

    El Diablo..who is at work…bored…and looking at various ways to blow up peeps.

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