Episode #36

Zizek, Tits, and Growlers

The Five One — Active
Matt de NesneraFor Her
Undercover MonksUnderwater
Tsarina –Weight of the Passersby
Masked Superstar — Cabinas Maleku

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The Preverted Guide to Cinema
You Deserve a Break, Momma
Down the Momus Hole
Le Louplash

Next week: the D&Dcast!

Happy Birthday!

2 Responses to “Episode #36”

  1. Linguistic bullshAit.. ^._.^

    1) Tsarina or царина (rus.) has noting to do with Tsars, Czars or Tzars. Tsarina (also Tsarana) actually means “pasture, ploughed field, arable land” in some Slavic languages. I’d say in this case phonetic transcription of two English sounds /t+s/ is used to represent a single phoneme absent in English /ц/ – voiceless postalveolar affricate, ka-a-ainda like in TSeTSe fly..

    rrrremind me to prrronounce it forrr you next time

    2) Maleku are indigenous tribe of Costa Rica & Cabinas would be the same thing as ‘cabins’ in English

    auooOOOooooH! ^._.^

  2. El Diablo Says:

    What are your thoughts about the fact that “america” by neil diamond has been deemed an ‘inappropriate song’ by Clear Channel following 9/11?

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