Episode #41

A Magical Announcement 2

Experimental Flyer2 for our LIVE IN PERSON APPEARANCE!

June 5!

Deadline for submissions is
If you want to help with setting up or
making weird theme-art
leave a comment or email to us!

Creeper — Islands
Ghost In The TreesThee Oh Sees
Gelsomiinan NaamaKemialliset Ystävät
Sunned Things Speak — The Pattern

Unpaid Sponsors:
Apropos of Nothing
Both Please!
Just Kiss Already!

Remember people who died in service today.
RIP Alex Carbonaro.

2 Responses to “Episode #41”

  1. well-well, not to be shallow or anything.. but somehow a nice body (legs included, since they are body parts) :)) is a must for shorts to work for ya, especially, the very short ones (these are not for ladayz only). Also high-wasted shots have to automatically make all breastfeeding in pubic acceptable for anyone to compensate for the unattractiveness of that bottom pouch ~:+

  2. ooo-ooo-ooo ^..^
    .. when i was done with my last prey, there were only a few things left of it. I knew i was saving them for a special day, – Now They Are Yours! Don’t want to ruin the surprise of it, so all i can say is you can strap them on and undergo animal transformation OR hang them on the wall to dare vulnerable minds..

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