Episode #45

Clash of Civilizations
The Triumphant Return

Can’t Hide Love — Saul Williams
Sweet SexzZz
Bounce (feat. N.O.R.E.) MSTRKRFT
Nenada –Desert Sessions
MonsterYou Say Party! We Say Die!
CassandraPaper Rival
Never Never LovePop Levi

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Denise Richards Goes to Camp
Random Bump of an Awesome Travel Blog

2 Responses to “Episode #45”

  1. yayayayayayai my wolf mitts were burning from this hotcast :))

    …No sign of fruit from Elvis Costello & Kronos Quartet symbiosis.
    …Pop Levi is from London (wonder if his films are as creepy as he is..)
    … Indiana Jones IS wearing Genuine Indiana Jones FEDORA Hat :))

    $30 more in cromagnonjazz piggy bank! ;o)

  2. sakjhkjashkjhkjahkjdhygjhgajdgsjdg

    Yeah it was the brodsky quartet that made an album with Elvis. 😦
    I suck at betting.


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