Episode #50b

Columbus Aids
Get out of my dreams and into my grave.

TavernsThe Historics
Couples 2 –The Growlers
Killed my Woman — The Growlers

Let Me See You — Girl Talk
Battlecat Adventure
All My TrialsBottle Up And Go
You Are the Best ThingRay LaMontagne

Unpaid Sponsors:
Home cookin
I was saying Boooooo-urns!
Or was I saying BOOOO-SHit? Can’t remember.

One Response to “Episode #50b”

  1. �«is OR are??»

    We have several “collective nouns” that conventionally can be either singular or plural, and the article we use in front of them can determine whether they’re singular or plural. However, it is not always the case, especially, when it comes to names and titles, where it has A LOT to do with what you are actually trying to say. So it is up to you then to decide which article should be in use.
    For example, “Led Zeppelin is great” (meaning the band – sing. noun).. AND “Led Zeppelin are an English rock band” (meaning the band members, makes LZ a plural noun)..” Also British would say “the police are, the army are.. etc.” in most of the cases.. bla-bla-bla

    � «Good Or Bad Music?»

    If you are not certain, I’d say – Get Music Education! ::)))
    Battlecat – Adventure – YEAH! & thanx to Gregg Gillis for making it enjoyable!

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