Episode #53

Welcome to Ashbury Afterparty
Anyone want to jam? I brought a pennywhistle!

FEB 26th CMJ Presents Bands and DJs and Rock Fantasies


Dirty Shadows — Dustys
RoxxanneThe Knux
Do The Stand — The Swingin’ Neckbreakers
Everyone Choose SidesThe Wrens
Parallelogram Deastro
Robot High SchoolMy Robot Friend
Harrowdown Logic Jump Rmx — Thom Yorke

Unpaid Sponsors:
Only Way To Be Sure
Drinking for Five Days Straight

2 Responses to “Episode #53”

  1. That was Josh Brolin that played Bush in “W” – not Liam Neason.

  2. «crazy» twitter v.s. «stupid» chirrup

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