While We’re Away

So it’s been a while since we’ve casted anything into the void, but these days it’s not because we’re lazy it’s because we’re casting a few nets at the same time. Peter’s on the road with the Dustys kicking ass all across N. Am and a few parts of Canada in support of the Bravery and I’m here doing some stuff to try and get more awesomer.

the Dustys have a seriously good e.p. out now, we won’t call this shameless self promotion, maybe Shameful self promotion will work, either way it’s full disclosure and I hear “bloggers” will have to do that soon, so we’ll call this cutting edge. Either way I’m not in the band so that’s gotta count for something and I bet you’ll overlook this whole thing once you listen to that e.p.

I’ve done a couple edits of footage they’ve been sending via ftp.

Links here.

can’t get Word Press to embed Vimeo code because I don’t know what I’m doing, sorry folks.

the Dustys Fall Tour Video Blog: Week 1 from Rasheed on Vimeo.

the Dustys Fall Tour Video Blog: Week 2 from Rasheed on Vimeo.

and there will be more coming… watch this space.

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